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SCADA's frighteningly exposed underbelly

Industrial control systems and SCADA are under attack but from who or what?According to a Trend Micro researcher who decided to find out by setting up an be Industrial Control Systems (ICS) SCADA honeypot that mimicked among other things an...

Tags: china, industrial control system, scada, stuxnet, trend micro

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Google's Chromebook - from vanity project to stealthy Windows killer

How on earth did this happen? By its own high standards, Microsoft’s Windows 8 juggernaut is in a bit of a sales fix while a Google OS/Chromebook platform few consumers had even heard of six months ago is suddenly just...

Tags: acer, chromebook, google, google chrome os, linux, microsoft, windows, windows 8

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Iran vs USA - the world's first cyber-war has started

It sometimes hides behind hacktivism. But 75Gbps peak DDoS on US banks is no amateur protest...We can say with a growing sense  of certainty that the world’s first cyberwar is upon us, unfolding behind the scenes with a rising level...

Tags: denial-of-service attack, iran, james a. lewis, jpmorgan chase, middle east, new york times, united states, us government

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New Year resolution 2013 - ditch Java

Not even Oracle’s recent security overhaul to Java Development Kit 7, Update 10 (JDK 7u10) deserves to save its seat on the average non-business PC, a slew of informed experts have argued. I'm not about to disagree.We’ve written about Java...

Tags: java, java development kit, javascript, oracle, oracle corporation, personal computer, qualys, security

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'Eurograbber' SMS attack shows Android's vulnerability

We end 2012 with the alarming knowledge that the SMS two-factor authentication systems used to secure online banking have suffered their first major security failure and left a clutch of banks down to the tune of €36 million (£30 million).Between...

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Did Windows 8's Metro interface cost Steven Sinofsky his job?

Barley two weeks after the launch of Windows 8, the operating system’s chief architect and long-serving employee Steven Sinofsky is leaving Microsoft, it has been confirmed.Let's be frank. This is a huge shock no matter how Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer...

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Flame is good, too good. Is Cyberwar now in the hands of Dr Strangelove?

The security experts and vendors will surely be delighted by the sudden and shocking outing of Stuxnet as part of a US Government malware programme. Long suspected of having been developed by a well-resourced state full of old-school Highway 101...

Tags: flame, iran, security, strangelove, stuxnet, windows update

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Why Apple and Amazon should pay more tax

Image via CrunchBase Last week Amazon was publically named as talented avoider of UK Corporation tax and this week it’s Apple’s turn. According to The Daily Mail, the US giant that generated sales approaching $10 billion in the UK last...

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Hackers spam Ticketweb users after email breach

Customers of the Ticketweb online ticketing site have been receiving fake emails after hackers broke into the company’s servers at the weekend, the company has admitted.In an email sent to its customer database the following day, the Ticketmaster subsidiary said...

Tags: email, hack, hacking

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Microsoft offers access to anti-botnet system

At last the world’s most effective but ignored digital police force, Microsoft, has said it plans to give third-parties including CERTs, ISPs and even foreign governments automated access to its formidable botnet intelligence feeds through an API.As an article written...

Tags: microsoft

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