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Eugene Kaspersky, patent troll killer

Defeating patent trolls (disambiguation: patent asserting entities) in court has been a rare event in the tech industry but security firm Kaspersky Lab seems to be making a habit of it. Its latest scalp is the notorious Lodsys, which last...

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The NSA has just screwed the security industry

Shocked that the NSA might have found a way around some of the Internet’s core encryption security? Fear not, the world has been here before with a piece of silicon called the MYK-78. Known as the ‘Clipper chip’ it was...

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Facebook, Google and Twitter caught monitoring URLs in messages - legitimate or spying?

Large Internet firms including Facebook, Google and Twitter are monitoring some web links sent between their users, including those in private communications, a research firm has confirmed.Swiss security consultancy High-Tech Bridge made the discovery by performing the simple experiment of...

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Skype ditched P2P super-nodes because it had to, says chief architect

Skype, hated by dictators, law enforcement and corporate security regulators the world over and yet an essential communication tool for dissidents and anyone that wants phone, video and instant message calls to take place in privacy for fair reason or...

Tags: matthew kaufman, microsoft, national security agency, nsa, peer-to-peer, skype

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Are ESTA visa scams really dead? Not yet

Last weekend The Guardian newspaper declared a dramatic victory over the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) visa scammers that have for some years polluted the top of Google’s search engine results, ready to pounce on anyone travelling to the...

Tags: electronic system for travel authorization, esta, google, microsoft, web search engine

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Ethernet is 40 - from Alohanet to Terabit and beyond

Or how Bob Metcalfe set out to solve the challenge of wireless data and inadvertently gave Starbucks a business model. Is there a more ubiquitous, enabling technology than Ethernet? If there is it’s hard to think what it might be. It...

Tags: bob metcalfe, ethernet, local area network, personal computer, robert metcalfe, starbucks, token ring

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FinFisher: legitimate spy program or dubious commercial malware?

Is the FinFisher suite legitimate surveillance or software’s Dr Strangelove? The UK is a bulwark against cybercrime, noted the world over for its respect for the principles of law and order; except that is when a British-based firm is accused...

Tags: bahrain, czech republic, finfisher, firefox, gamma international, strangelove

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Scotland's Internet startups still firing on one cylinder

Now that Silicon Glen is a memory Scotland needs more than worthy aspirations Internet startups can look effortless. Google surfaced like an information leviathan from the genius factory of Stanford University, Facebook came out of a dorm room full...

Tags: edinburgh, london, san francisco, scotland, silicon fen, silicon glen, stanford university, virgin media pioneers

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Did a 300Gb/s DDoS really slow the Net? Only if you believe in Smurfs

Lock up your DNS - the little blue men are back.A day on from what was only yesterday being described as a DDoS attack so large it had slowed the Internet itself, the sceptics have rallied with a simple question:...

Tags: arbor networks, cloudflare, denial-of-service attack, domain name system, internet traffic, ip address, spamhaus, the spamhaus project

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Will China's techies go near Canonical's 'Kylin' Linux?

Linux in China, Ubuntu styleRecent history is strewn with the corpses of national operating system projects and it is probably too early to tell whether Canonical's Ubuntu ‘Kylin’ collaboration with China’s Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (CSIP) will...

Tags: canonical, china, linux, national university of defense technology, red flag linux, steve ballmer, ubuntu

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