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Stupid passwords are security's silent rebellion

Passwords might be lousy, but they're also cheap If you assumed the old-fashioned ‘000000’ represented the nadir of bad passwords, think again. According SplashData, zero (repeated six times) only just scrapes on its list of the worst passwords of 2013...

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The rise and rise of domestic spyware apps

When a stranger installs a surveillance app we call it spyware. Does the same apply if it's a spouse? Domestic spyware monitoring has been quietly booming in the PC world for years without any particularly noticing or caring and now...

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Cisco, Juniper, Samsung, Huawei - is nobody safe from the NSA?

New Snowden documents suggest that the NSA is exploiting unpublished flaws in the routers, firewalls and hard drives of the largest tech vendors. Months into what surely deserves to be called the Internet’s ‘Snowden era’ the leaks keep coming, indeed...

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Does Microsoft fear Google's Chromebooks or the people who buy them?

Microsoft never liked Larry Ellison's network computers. Clinging to that orthodoxy risks another mis-step The 1990’s were the greatest of times for Microsoft and Windows but history will surely record it as the era when its leaders also painted themselves...

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Chromebooks: is Google's computer a sales flop or misunderstoood gem?

PC sales are in steady global decline and yet it is Google’s modest newcomer, the Chromebook, that seems to get a kicking on a regular basis simply for daring to exist.  The latest example is by commentator Ed Bott, who...

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Of course the NSA spies on Angela Merkel. The problem is she can't spy back

Well-executed spying is an essential safety valve. But the NSA has got ahead of its friends So the world now knows that the US has definitely been spying on the mobile phone calls of Angela Merkel, François Hollande, David Cameron and...

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Eugene Kaspersky, patent troll killer

Defeating patent trolls (disambiguation: patent asserting entities) in court has been a rare event in the tech industry but security firm Kaspersky Lab seems to be making a habit of it. Its latest scalp is the notorious Lodsys, which last...

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The NSA has just screwed the security industry

Shocked that the NSA might have found a way around some of the Internet’s core encryption security? Fear not, the world has been here before with a piece of silicon called the MYK-78. Known as the ‘Clipper chip’ it was...

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Facebook, Google and Twitter caught monitoring URLs in messages - legitimate or spying?

Large Internet firms including Facebook, Google and Twitter are monitoring some web links sent between their users, including those in private communications, a research firm has confirmed.Swiss security consultancy High-Tech Bridge made the discovery by performing the simple experiment of...

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Skype ditched P2P super-nodes because it had to, says chief architect

Skype, hated by dictators, law enforcement and corporate security regulators the world over and yet an essential communication tool for dissidents and anyone that wants phone, video and instant message calls to take place in privacy for fair reason or...

Tags: matthew kaufman, microsoft, national security agency, nsa, peer-to-peer, skype

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