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Data breach fines will not stop the rot

Is the new era of data fines for data breaches having any effect on the way organisations treat customer information? As with the French revolution, it could be too soon to tell, but what matters for the industry right now...

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Intel is buying McAfee for its engineers, not its products

It’s no longer seen as a market leader, its share price has been in the doldrums and it doesn’t even make that much money. No surprise that commentators are taken aback at Intel’s sudden splash on the security industry’s perennial...

Tags: intel buys mcafee

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Stupid passwords are a valid rebellion against technology

It is now axiomatic that most people choose dumb passwords but a recent study on advances in graphics processing suggests that it might have gone well beyond the simple issue of good versus bad logins.  According to a widely-publicised report...

Tags: password security

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The perils of writing about open source

It is said that there are three subjects you should never discuss at the dinner table; sex, religion and politics. I’d like to add a fourth to that combustible list - open source software.Open source is one of those subjects...

Tags: open source, qualys

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Google strongly denies net neutrality deal

Perhaps the New York Times got the story wrong - Google has now denied making any deals with Verizon over net neutrality.According to the Guardian, Google has now issued a statement that seems to put to bed the notion that...

Tags: google, net neutrality, verizon

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Is Google selling out the Internet?

Is Google really using the power of its content delivery platform (that’s ‘search’ to you and me) to sell out the ordinary Internet user? According to US news titles, the Internet’s biggest content player, Google, has come to some sort...

Tags: google, net neutrality, verizon

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Apple should cherish the iPhone Jailbreakers

Apple users, it has been said, aren’t real geeks. They love their computers too much to open the lid as might a PC modder or enthusiast engineer kicking around Linux code.Not any more. Apple geeks do exist and while still...

Tags: apple iphone, geek, jailbreak, library of congress

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Admins now fear the webcam. It can get them sued

Don’t mess with US lawyers. They advertise on TV as often as breakfast cereal companies might in other countries. And every American has one, or can get one if you cross them.It now looks as if the Philadelphia (Lower Merion)...

Tags: lower merion, remote security, snooping, webcam

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Securing PDFs - Adobe's coming Sandbox feature

It's hard not to admire the software creativeness of Adobe, but security has usually been the company's obvious blind spot. News that the Acrobat PDF reader is to get a sandbox is a sign that things are changing.The case for...

Tags: adobe acrobat, exploit, pdf, sandbox

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Skype has not been cracked. But it is still vulnerable

As well-intentioned hacks go the claimed 'hacking' of Skype by one Sean O' Neill looks more like a great advert for a programmer's next Black Hat presentation than anything to worry about.Has Skype cracked? Far from it. This was the...

Tags: hacking, skype, trojan

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