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Make Windows 8 a free download

Ray Ozzie said it five years ago when he signed up at Microsoft and now, on his way out the office of CTO, he has hinted at it again in a valedictory memo; the future might not necessarily have a...

Tags: android, microsoft, ray ozzie, windows 7, windows 8

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Amazon Kindle eBook lending is a poor deal for readers

When did you last borrow a book? Or lend one? Thanks to Amazon, this simple act of generosity will now be possible for eBooks on its widely-admired Kindle Reader.Astonishingly, something that has been a basic feature of paper books since...

Tags: amazon kindle, ebooks

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Steve Jobs hates Android. Should consumers be worried about an Apple monopoly?

Note to Apple CEO: never open your mouth in an unbidden rant about opponents. People will either think you’re spooked or, worse still, you’re insane enough to believe that wiping out the enemy is a good marketing plan.Jobs has attracted...

Tags: apple, blackberry. android, ipad, iphone, microsoft, mobile malware

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Here's a crazy security idea - ditch Windows for Ubuntu 10.10 Linux

After some days with the latest Ubuntu Linux desktop release, I was planning to devote a few graphs to extolling its many virtues.This is not a hard exercise because Ubuntu 10.10 is exemplary, about as good as it gets at...

Tags: ubuntu linux 10.10, windows 7

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The '10-10-10' virus that wasn't. Are we afraid of binary numbers?

The human mind is fixated with the idea of connecting dates to expected disaster, the better to make the random comprehensible. A neat example of this phenomenon was the recently rumoured ‘10-10-10’ virus, that didn’t strike at 10.10am on 10...

Tags: 10-10-10 virus, 10.10.10 virus, michelangelo virus, y2k

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Ban Adobe's PDF? The craziest idea of the year

Is Adobe’s PDF document standard now so riddled with security problems that the time has come to ditch it?According to an unscientific straw poll conducted at the recent Virus Bulletin 2010 conference in Vancouver, the answer is an emphatic ‘yes’,...

Tags: adobe reader, pdf, security

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Birmingham branded software's 'illegal piracy hotspot'

What did the city of Birmingham do to get itself into the bad books of the Business Software Alliance? It turns out that according to the BSA’s own figures, the city is the UK’s top ‘illegal piracy hotspot’ accounting for...

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The Zeus bank Trojan is stealing money with impunity. Can it be stopped?

It’s been called the ‘second bank crisis’, and this time the cause is a piece of malware so potent it can steal money from online bank accounts with apparent impunity. It’s name is Zeus (or Zbot) and it’s mighty...

Tags: online banking, security, zbot, zeus trojan

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Man jailed for planting child porn on colleague's laptop

There are two shocking aspects to the case of the London handyman who tried to frame his school caretaker boss  using planted child porn images. First, that it happened at all, second, that it took four years of hell for...

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Xerox PARC, where technology suddenly turned 'personal'

The fabled Xerox Palo Alto Research Centre (PARC) celebrates its official 40th anniversary this month, another opportunity for a grateful industry to ask the relevant question: where did it all go right?PARC, as any student of IT will know,...

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Optimising data protection for virtual environments

VM environments require the same level of data protection as does the physical server environment. Companies may use data protection tools built for the physical environment in the virtual world, but this has serious disadvantages.

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Exploring the results of a recent survey, including: ? Levels of understanding of the standard ? Current perceptions of actual compliance status ? Attitudes toward addressing compliance

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Your complete guide to managing and securing mobile devices such as laptops and smartphones.

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Magic Quadrant for midrange and high-end NAS solutions

It is difficult to find one midrange or high-end NAS product that can cater to all needs. File systems embedded in NAS are often designed to solve one major pain point, with additional features being added later to broaden use cases and benefits.

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