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The importance of being digital inside and out

As businesses start to recognise that mobile, cloud, social media, virtualisation and big data are more than buzz words and hot topics, it is now the time to adopt work processes that leverage digital technologies to add business value. However,...

Tags: accenture, analytics, applications, bpm, collaboration, crm, gamification, mobile, wearables, workflow

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The context-aware digital platform

In a world in which every business is a digital business and where everyday objects have a digital footprint, organisations cultivate interactions via apps as the channel to the customer to make better decisions at faster speeds. The ability to...

Tags: accenture, applications, context-aware

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API Evolution through Hypermedia APIs

Through the channel of today’s web API (Application Programming Interface) an ecosystem of internal, partner, and independent developers can access an organisation’s data and services to create use cases beyond what’s imaginable by the organisation itself. To better support the...

Tags: accenture, api, applications, hypermedia

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Why analytics makes for a successful API

Today’s APIs (less well known as Application Programming Interfaces) are business-level artifacts: the channel to scale your business, elements to improve innovation and agility, and even a representation of your brand. Analytics plays a critical role in ensuring the success...

Tags: analytics, api, application programming interface, business, companies, google, google analytics, web apis

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The Coexistence of SOA and APIs

The requirement for applications to effectively exchange data is an age-old challenge that has plagued IT. The technological graveyard is littered with integration techniques that were competitive, proprietary, or both at their time; not to say there hasn’t been progress....

Tags: accenture, application programming interface, applications, development, google, service-oriented architecture, soa, software development

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Automated Fault Detection accelerates system failure detection and recovery

Anyone with experience working on a complicated problem with a tight time constraint has probably wished for “the answer”, or at least “a hint”. This feeling likely rings true with many IT personnel. Downtime and failures are unavoidable due to...

Tags: accenture, applications, defect tracking, failure, fault detection and isolation, international software testing qualifications board, quality assurance, sensor

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Software testing and Chaos Monkey revisited

Netflix streaming service was knocked down again on Christmas Eve 2012 when an Amazon developer inadvertently deleted part of the Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) state data used to manage the configuration of the ELB load balancers. This accident resulted in...

Tags: accenture, amazon, amazon elastic compute cloud, applications, cloud computing, elastic load balancing, infrastructure, ipad, iphone, netflix, virtual machine, virtualisation

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Using Application Blueprints to Unlock Cloud Agility and Elasticity

It turns out that it’s pretty difficult to tap into cloud’s promise of elasticity and agility. Some companies like Netflix and Amazon have it figured out, so you know it’s possible. And tools like Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk, Azure’s Auto-scaling Application...

Tags: accenture, amazon, application server, auto scaling, aws, linux, paas, platform as a service, provisioning, rightscale, virtual machine, virtualisation, vms

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Defining what it means to be hybrid cloud

The need to support trends like social, mobile, data, and cloud is undoubtedly a necessity across the business. Hybrid-cloud offers a solution for enterprise architects to manage these platforms. The hybrid model unlocks the potential of these trends by enabling...

Tags: accenture, cloud computing, data center, paas, platform as a service, saas, service cloud, software as a service, virtual machine, vistualisation, vmware

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What makes for a good API?

Web APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are quickly becoming the de facto integration model for IT systems. Key promises of web APIs (e.g., reducing development cycles within an organisation, fostering collaboration within the partner ecosystem, or monetising APIs from external use...

Tags: accenture, applications, json, programming, service-oriented architecture, web api, web service, xml

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Optimising data protection for virtual environments

VM environments require the same level of data protection as does the physical server environment. Companies may use data protection tools built for the physical environment in the virtual world, but this has serious disadvantages.

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Exploring the results of a recent survey, including: ? Levels of understanding of the standard ? Current perceptions of actual compliance status ? Attitudes toward addressing compliance

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Mobility Management for Dummies

Your complete guide to managing and securing mobile devices such as laptops and smartphones.

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Magic Quadrant for midrange and high-end NAS solutions

It is difficult to find one midrange or high-end NAS product that can cater to all needs. File systems embedded in NAS are often designed to solve one major pain point, with additional features being added later to broaden use cases and benefits.

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Oracle Video

Enabling agile and intelligent businesses

 Changing markets, competitive pressures and evolving customer needs are placing increasing pressure on IT to deliver greater flexibility and speed. Explore truly flexible SOA foundations with this Oracle video.

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