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Why you should join the FinTech revolution

The popular perception of the average tech industry worker varies from the fresh faced, hoodie wearer, pitching an outlandish app or social media idea, to bearded men perpetually hunched at their computers. While both caricatures do exist, the technology sector...

Tags: applications, fintech, innovation, liquidlabs, start ups

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Our wireless world: predicted by Isaac Asimov in 1964

We take for granted the technology that enables us to remain connected and communicate with the rest of the world on the go. This was not the world in which Isaac Asimov lived in 1964 when he made a set...

Tags: applications, ipswitch, mobile, networks, science fiction, systems management

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The rise of UDP-based DDoS attacks

The DDoS war is ramping up with the use of network time protocol (NTP) amplification to paralyse, not just individual organisation’s networks, but potentially large proportions of general internet traffic. The largest ever DDoS attack to date with a DNS...

Tags: 4d hosting, ddos, denial of service attack, dns, ntp server, security

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Understanding the hidden costs of Windows XP retirement

Official support of Windows XP ends in April 2014 and despite being over a decade old, it remains the dominant OS in most firms today, and by a significant margin. In fact, according to a straw poll of our own...

Tags: microsoft, microsoft software assurance, microsoft windows, operating system, personal computer, windows 8, windows 8 enterprise, windows xp

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Is compliance 'clouding' your judgment?

Cloud computing is growing, both as an external business tool and as a way to better manage IT in the enterprise. According to the Cloud Industry Forum, over 75 per cent of UK businesses will use at least one cloud...

Tags: ciphercloud, cloud, cloud computing, data loss prevention, information privacy, payment card industry data security standard, pci dss, security, software as a service

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Software vulnerabilities: Bugs v Flaws lessons from June

When it comes to software defects, we generally categorise vulnerabilities to be as the result of a bug or a flaw. A bug is generally caused by a failure in implementation, so the design could be perfectly fine, but some...

Tags: adobe flash, cigital inc, iphone, security, software bug, software development, source code, spotify, unicode

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What would it take to switch off the Internet?

In the majority of developed countries, Internet access is seen as “the fourth utility.” Similar to having a water and electricity supply, Internet access is now considered part of key infrastructure, supporting things as varied as emergency services through to...

Tags: access providers, bittorrent, ccs insight, digital subscriber line, internet access, internet exchange point, internet service provider, wi-fi

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Using Data to Drive Strategy - Tapping into the Business Value of MDM

The way businesses view their data is changing all the time. Today, they increasingly see it as an asset which they can use to help meet business goals rather than a difficult-to-manage resource. Yet, while the majority of organisations appreciate...

Tags: business, data governance, data quality, decision making, master data, master data management, mdm, single version of the truth

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Simplify IT management; eliminate shadow IT

Public cloud computing has empowered business units in ways never imagined just a few years ago. With Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other service providers offering fast, agile and easily accessible resources, increasing numbers of end users are now circumventing...

Tags: amazon web services, aws, cloud computing, fastscale technology, virtualisation, vmware

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The eternal IT stalemate: how network automation can improve collaboration

In theory, IT professionals should be the most adaptable workforce in any organisation. I can’t think of any other department in your average business that deals with as much constant change as IT - working practices and the tools that...

Tags: business, cloud computing, consultants, general and freelance, information technology, network, security, technology

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Optimising data protection for virtual environments

VM environments require the same level of data protection as does the physical server environment. Companies may use data protection tools built for the physical environment in the virtual world, but this has serious disadvantages.

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PCI Compliance: Are UK businesses ready?

Exploring the results of a recent survey, including: ? Levels of understanding of the standard ? Current perceptions of actual compliance status ? Attitudes toward addressing compliance

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Mobility Management for Dummies

Your complete guide to managing and securing mobile devices such as laptops and smartphones.

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Magic Quadrant for midrange and high-end NAS solutions

It is difficult to find one midrange or high-end NAS product that can cater to all needs. File systems embedded in NAS are often designed to solve one major pain point, with additional features being added later to broaden use cases and benefits.

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Oracle Video

Enabling agile and intelligent businesses

 Changing markets, competitive pressures and evolving customer needs are placing increasing pressure on IT to deliver greater flexibility and speed. Explore truly flexible SOA foundations with this Oracle video.

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IT Misuse Survey

Complete this survey and you could win a Nexus One

Techworld are running a short survey to discover how UK businesses are managing Internet and email misuse in the Enterprise.

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Complete our survey and you could win a Sony E-book Reader.
Techworld have teamed up with HP to compile a survey relating to server virtualisation. Complete the short survey and you could be the lucky winner of a Sony E-book reader.

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