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God Save the Internet

Back in 1994, I worked for a start up financed by Barclays and Chase Manhattan. We were the first company b2b e-procurement solution. I remember doing a demo to a government department and was told, that they didn’t really use...

Tags: facebook, kim dotcom, kim schmitz. prism, new zealand, united states, world wide web

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Knight Rider is becoming a reality

As a ten year old, I loved Knight Rider. The thought of a cool looking car that could talk, interact and drive itself seemed like a lifetime away in the 80s. Not impossible, just a little too far ahead of...

Tags: apple, augmented reality, bmw, iphone, kitt, knight rider, smartphone, volkswagen group

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The 3D Industrial revolution

I have recently been introduced to Kickstarter. We are looking to use it to fund a restoration project I am getting involved with, getting a 1945 Spitfire back in the air. Browsing through the site today, I came across “The...

Tags: 3d printing, business, google, industrial revolution, kickstarter, silicon valley

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HMV, a chance to learn and reinvent itself?

Yesterday, I heard the news that HMV had gone into administration. As with stricken photography chain, Jessops, this story has been unfolding for some time and both a sad losses for our great British high street. Even more so for...

Tags: argos, compact disc, dvd, hmv, hmv group, itunes, jessops, raco

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Twitter the $15bn advertising machine

This year it seems pretty certain that Twitter will start completing the necessary paperwork for an IPO in 2014. Many people do not realise that Twitter as a business is almost 7 years old. I was one of the first...

Tags: apple, artificial intelligence, facebook, initial public offering, ipo, itunes, twitter

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Could Apple challenge the high street banks

“We will never buy online" “You won’t catch me using my credit card on the internet”  “How safe is my information online?” These phrases were once commonplace in the b2b and b2c space. In fact, they are still common in...

Tags: apple, credit card, google, itune, mobile payment, passbook, paypal, qr code

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Lots of slush without the snow

For some time, it’s been known that North of Europe is at the forefront when it comes to tech, with new start-ups being rolled out on an on-going basis. But it’s not just the tech market that Scandinavia is dominating...

Tags: eric wahlforss, holvi, mike butcher, slush, sound cloud, super cell, techcrunch

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Autonomy: surely one person cannot be held responsible?

When I turned up at the Slush Conference in Helsinki last week, one of the first questions I was asked was: “do you have any comments on the Autonomy news?” Once I got my head around what had actually happened,...

Tags: autonomy, autonomy corporation, helsinki, hewlett-packard, initial public offering, mark hoffman, meg whitman, taylor wessing

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Gearing up to become the best: Level 39

I remember going to Canary Wharf in the early 90’s and thinking that there was not a lot there. In fact, in 1991, there were only 6 shops. Now there are some 200 shops in 60 odd very big buildings,...

Tags: canary wharf, facebook, google, joanna shields, one canada square, techcity

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Are parts of the Tech world becoming The X Factor?

I have just spent a great few days in Dublin at the third Web summit. Dublin, a great city in its own right, that happens to hold one of the better European technology events of the year. While searching for...

Tags: applications, innovation, nhs, techcity

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