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Google's Project Zero flaw programme - do-gooding spin or a much-needed evolution?

Google adopts plain English for new Chrome browser warnings

If Brian Krebs is this hated he must be doing some good

The importance of being digital inside and out

Why IT monitoring is dominating spending priorities

The Syrian Electronic Army is quieter but still out there

Cybercrime costs $445 billion a year but that might be the least of it

The thing is with ... other people

Gameover Zeus - the sudden unmasking of cybercrime's most wanted

Data breaches aren't about credit cards or passwords. What is at risk here are people's identities

The thing is with ... legislation

Cyberwar fact - China's PLA 61398 hackers enjoy a two-hour lunch break

Why you should join the FinTech revolution

The eBay breach is part of a pattern - big brands can no longer protect their users

Is Windows 7 more vulnerable than XP? In fact 'Rotbrow' malware is a warning for all Windows users

FireEye finds another piece of its security jigsaw

The thing is with ... an automated life

Anti-virus pioneer Alan Solomon thinks anti-virus is dead. He uses Linux instead

Microsoft caves in and patches XP's nasty zero-day

Microsoft caves in and patches XP's nasty zero-day

The thing is with .... flying

Microsoft hints at cloud version of Windows with Chromebook Office connectors

Hiring the Team

What is the saying? If you can't do...consult?

Windows XP - why Microsoft will continue to patch the zombie OS

Edward Snowden has done cloud encryption a huge favour

Microsoft should have explained the Word RTF security flaw in plain English

Bet Big. Lose Big. Win Big.

Everyone's an Entrepreneur

Why complex IT needs business service monitoring.

Huawei v the NSA - who is winning the farcical backdoor war?

Finally, belatedly, mobile networks get behind '7726' SMS spam reporting

Full-Disclosure reaches the end - "there is no honour amongst hackers any more"

The context-aware digital platform

Our wireless world: predicted by Isaac Asimov in 1964

The rise of UDP-based DDoS attacks

Windows license fee cut to $15? This is as good as marketing gets

Chromebooks and Linux on the rise, ad network traffic numbers show

The Syrian Electronic Army attack on Forbes shows the irresistible power of phishing

One third of companies don't backup network device configs

The top 5 reasons for monitoring your network

Is regulation the answer to net neutrality?

Stupid passwords are security's silent rebellion

The rise and rise of domestic spyware apps

Cisco, Juniper, Samsung, Huawei - is nobody safe from the NSA?

Does Microsoft fear Google's Chromebooks or the people who buy them?

API Evolution through Hypermedia APIs

On-premise monitoring: the forgotten critical element in hybrid IaaS infrastructures

Chromebooks: is Google's computer a sales flop or misunderstoood gem?

Building the all flash data centre

Of course the NSA spies on Angela Merkel. The problem is she can't spy back

The Internet of Things looms, are you ready?

Why monitoring is important when choosing an IaaS provider

Eugene Kaspersky, patent troll killer

Why analytics makes for a successful API

The NSA has just screwed the security industry

Facebook, Google and Twitter caught monitoring URLs in messages - legitimate or spying?

Understanding the hidden costs of Windows XP retirement

Caching In On Virtualisation

Is compliance 'clouding' your judgment?

Software vulnerabilities: Bugs v Flaws lessons from June

What would it take to switch off the Internet?

Using Data to Drive Strategy - Tapping into the Business Value of MDM

Simplify IT management; eliminate shadow IT

The eternal IT stalemate: how network automation can improve collaboration

The Coexistence of SOA and APIs

Going for gold? A common philosophy for technology deployments in the new era of communications

R&D tax relief myth buster - top five misconceptions shared by software developers dispelled

Future power shortages are cause to prepare, not panic

Automated Fault Detection accelerates system failure detection and recovery

Let IT Govern Itself

Software testing and Chaos Monkey revisited

Kicking off with the cloud

What does the future hold for defence IT?

Shifting bottlenecks: Overcoming new bumps in the road

It's time for technology to step up to the Spending Review challenge

Using Application Blueprints to Unlock Cloud Agility and Elasticity

The End of the Mobile Device Workflow Problem

Migrating to a data centre - Part 3: Moving data to the cloud without a hitch

Skype ditched P2P super-nodes because it had to, says chief architect

Placing customers at the heart of your business

Enterprise App Stores: all the reasons why they are a good idea

G8 commitment to open data is good news for start-ups

Are ESTA visa scams really dead? Not yet

Migrating to a data centre part 2: What to do with your old infrastructure?

God Save the Internet

Knight Rider is becoming a reality

The 3D Industrial revolution

Defining what it means to be hybrid cloud

Ethernet is 40 - from Alohanet to Terabit and beyond

Flexible working for all: breaking down the corporate class system

WebRTC: Telecom's Demise or its Saviour?

IBM gives tech entrepreneurs a leg-up

Era of the all-Flash hyperscale data centre

When virtualisation attacks...

FinFisher: legitimate spy program or dubious commercial malware?

Winning the Internet capacity challenge

Agile software development - get back to basics to make it work

Scotland's Internet startups still firing on one cylinder

Small IT companies still struggling to win public contracts

Work from Home: why is it still dividing business and where does IT stand?

Software Defined Everything: changing the network into an epicenter

UK tech industry's biggest barrier to growth is the City

Should start-ups be worried about the Snooping Charter?

From Chief Information Officer to Chief Innovation Officer or bust

No matter how big it gets, data still demands management and quality checks

Does the UK really need a technology hub?

What makes for a good API?

Internet of Things - Forging a path to profitability

Did a 300Gb/s DDoS really slow the Net? Only if you believe in Smurfs

Summly buyout is wake-up call for the UK IT industry

The impact of consumerisation on business applications

Will China's techies go near Canonical's 'Kylin' Linux?

Legal traps for software developers

Business and the budget

SCADA's frighteningly exposed underbelly

Technology-light budget holds hope for IT start-ups

Google's Chromebook - from vanity project to stealthy Windows killer

IC tomorrow proves government's Tech City claims are not entirely phony

Cloud storage wars: The battle is already underway in your enterprise

Driving innovation and agility through an API strategy

Atoms vs Electrons: How flash memory is different from disk

Migrating to a data centre without downtime - Part 1: Planning

Information overload could soon be a thing of the past as systems get smart

Becoming a digital nation: young people hold the key to Britain's skills gap

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