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HP's Stream laptop shows how confused Microsoft is about cloud computing

Plausible anti-Chromebook fightback or Microsoft throwing oranges at a gorilla? HP has called it the Stream and it’s the first model of what Microsoft hopes will grow into a low-cost notebook niche to take on the Chromebooks that have, annoyingly...

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The NCA has another go at cybercrime 'awareness'. Is anyone listening?

Britain's security mandarins are going through the motions. Awareness is not going to dent an issue while the technology is at fault Four in ten UK computer users still don’t install security software on PCs or mobile devices despite the...

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SynoLocker NAS ransomware - was February 'PWNED' attack a warning of trouble?

SynoLocker was not the first malware to target a serious software vulnerability in DiskStation software Could the unprecedented attack on users of Synology’s DiskStation NAS storage drives by ransom malware have been stopped before it occurred? There is an argument...

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Google's Project Zero flaw programme - do-gooding spin or a much-needed evolution?

It turns out that flaw bounties won't do it on their own. Google is the first to realise this. Germany had its post-WW2 Year Zero, New York has Ground Zero and now Google has added its name to the list...

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Google adopts plain English for new Chrome browser warnings

The smallest changes are sometimes the best ones Google is preparing a small but important tweak to the malware warnings thrown up when Chrome encounters a page blacklisted by Safe Browsing security, the firm has sneaked out in a Twitter...

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If Brian Krebs is this hated he must be doing some good

Journalists are supposed to report cybercrime. Now one of them is regularly on the receiving end. Security journalists are normally pretty much ignored by cyber-criminals but  campaigning security blogger Brian Krebs seems to have got under the skin of one...

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The importance of being digital inside and out

As businesses start to recognise that mobile, cloud, social media, virtualisation and big data are more than buzz words and hot topics, it is now the time to adopt work processes that leverage digital technologies to add business value. However,...

Tags: accenture, analytics, applications, bpm, collaboration, crm, gamification, mobile, wearables, workflow

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Why IT monitoring is dominating spending priorities

Monitoring IT networks, systems and devices is the top spending priority of IT managers for 2014, according to a new report. Some 58% of IT managers will invest their budgets in monitoring this year, the results show. Over 550 IT...

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The Syrian Electronic Army is quieter but still out there

Paradoxically, the SEA's attacks 'micro-hacks' against the Sunday Times and The Sun this week suggest that defences are improving So often bitten in the past, website owners appear to be getting to grips with once-feared Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) after...

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Cybercrime costs $445 billion a year but that might be the least of it

In a world where governments ape the behaviour of cybercriminals, costs estimates risk missing the point. Cybercrime cost the global economy a staggering-sounding $445 billion in economic losses in 2013, a McAfee-sponsored report from the Center for Stategic and International...

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